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Israels dolda pärlor

​Trilogin om Israels dolda pärlor (på engelska) är nu färdig. 
Här hittar du spännande guldkorn från hela Israel.


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 Sites & Attractions

Below the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem’s Old City, lies the Praetorium, built over the si...
The original buildings of this nineteenth century neighborhood, interspersed with bustl...
Together with its sister-cities, Avdat and Mamshit, Shivta, now a UNESCO World Heritage...
Permanent and periodically changing exhibits on Jewish life in the Diaspora, located on...
Christians have been visiting the house of Peter at Capernaum in Galilee since the dawn...
This site on the banks of the Jordan River east of Jericho is where ancient Christians ...


The hotel is located in the town of Ashkelon, 28 Arakefet Street is a 10 minute walk fr...
The 66 roomed hotel is opposite the Golden beaches  of Bat Yam- overlooking the Mediter...
The Prima Kings is a famous landmark in the historical mecca of Jerusalem.





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